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This place has a distinctive flavor of its own. If you’re in recovery it’s a place for you. It’s walls contain a myriad of workshops, meetings, supplies and spiritual connection opportunities.

Heather Neyer

This is a great place headed there tomorrow to get a 4 year chip for a friend was there last week for a 12 year chip awsome books and just cool stuff!

Jess Odom

Cornerstone Books is a great place to visit! Jenny is an extremely talented Iridologist. Angel is a gifted healer. Together they have helped me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. They are a true gift of selfless generosity. It is a blessing to be in their presence.

Lisa Smith

The bookstore is charming, mystical, a place I find myself wanting to get lost in. From gems, books, and thoughtful cards this place is a wonder-land!

The collection of AA cards and coins is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. From 24 hour chips to years I can only imagine of achieving.

If you are looking for magic… Look no further ✨

Loretta Dacosta

Fabulous gem of a bookstore and holistic healing! The owners are amazing healers! I highly recommend you take advantage of their gifts!

FluidStrong Wellness

Jenny has the most amazing Heart Gifted myself with an idea of Rose Quartz True Love 333

Jonathan Holland

I love love love this store! Lots of great books and items for 12 step recovery groups. Gorgeous array of jewelry, greeting cards, artwork, spiritual, crystals, gifts,. Four stars because It’s hard to maneuver through the store without knocking something over.

Donna Casper

Only brick and mortar store I know of that sells recovery related content – books, sobriety milestone chips, related literature.

The woman who runs the store is very friendly and helpful. Definitely make a stop here to support your local business rather than purchasing online!

Robert Foglia

The owners have super powers…. There is an energy, a magic about this place.

Amy M
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