About Jenny

Owner of Cornerstone Books

Family History

Jenny is the 10th child in a family of 15 children that originated in Sonora, Mexico and later moved to Los Mochis.  While Jenny’s mom was busy caring for the family, she bonded closely with her father, a wonderful family provider who owned a 10-acre fresh-vegetable farm.  He directed the farm, equipment operators and pickers and shared his produce to families in the community.  Jenny’s father was family-oriented and protective of his family of 10 girls and 5 boys.  He was intuitive and often let the kids know whether a new friend was good for them.  Jenny’s father later announced the family would relocate to Los Mochis for his farming.  Jenny was not happy with the move, but she met Angel, her future husband, in Los Mochis. 

History of Healing

Jenny’s healing work began when she was 7-years old. By that time, her dad concluded that she could heal people.  In looking back, she’s unsure as to how he came to that conclusion, but reflects upon her original Spanish name meaning “John of God”.  She wonders if his belief in her abilities was influenced even before she was born.  He would put a red ribbon on her waist, and after 3 days, advise her to put that ribbon on people for their ailments.  He did not allow her to accept money for these treatments, but he would allow her to accept their gifts of chicken, fruit, etc.  She can’t remember what age she was when she decided she did not want to do that type of healing anymore.  Her dad, although disappointed, honored her wishes.  Jenny later completed school as a lab technician and aspired to attend medical school, requiring a relocation.  Her father discouraged that decision, which may be have driven by his desire to keep the family close. 

Jenny’s Healing Studies

Jenny ultimately came to the US where her sister was an iridology and natural product practitioner.  Jenny studied with her sister under an MD named Dr. Jack Richardson, who left western medicine to become a naturopathic practitioner and a founding father of the NRNP. His mentor was Dr. Bernard Jensen.  Jenny has now practiced Iridology for 40 years.  She is also a face reader, along with her husband and healer, Angel. 

Cornerstone Ownership

Jenny and her husband Angel relocated to Colorado to establish their ownership of Cornerstone in 2010.  Both avid readers, generous practitioners and prolific healers; they noticed Cornerstone while on vacation and noshing a middle eastern lunch in the neighborhood.  Angel suggested they check out the store.  Jenny really loved it and told the owner to let her know if she ever wanted to sell it.  The owner replied “what about right now?”.  The prior owner used to laugh and say… “Jenny came in to buy Tarot cards and walked out with the Store”!

The Cornerstone Bookstore on Hampden has been a Denver mainstay recovery and spiritual book and gift store for 40 years.

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